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From now on the PHP Developer stops worry about their PHP source code or copy right of the source code. RoogRog Technology Company was developed the tool to protect the PHP source code to benefit to someone that use the PHP to develop the system or software to facilitate the human living and business owner to experience the superb product, so they need to protect their source code too, because they spend a lot of time, money and hard work to build it up.

MyPHPGuard Installation Guide

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    • MyPHPGuard For Windows
    • md5: 20‌​5b‌​08‌​7a‌​7c‌​ee‌​d8‌​eb‌​32‌​fe‌​d4‌​d4‌​77‌​03‌​36‌​af
    • 2017-Jan-14

MyPHPGuard Extension

  • For PHP 7.0.0
    • PHP Extension 64-bit Windows
    • md5: 78‌​5e‌​cb‌​92‌​3c‌​6a‌​bb‌​10‌​c4‌​9f‌​84‌​8b‌​0a‌​99‌​72‌​32
    • 2017-Jan-14

MD5 Checksum Helper

    • MD5 Checksum Helper
    • md5: 74‌​50‌​49‌​26‌​4f‌​0d‌​8f‌​af‌​0d‌​9e‌​3d‌​4e‌​53‌​38‌​75‌​c6
    • 2017-Jan-14
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