About Us

About Us

Roogrog.com is the first company in Cambodia that provides simple online payment services, IT Solutions (computer software).

Our online payment service will enables users to conveniently pay bill, purchase phone card, purchase custom computer software and more ... anytime, anywhere on computer, laptop or mobile devices.

We are very exciting to introduce this innovative technology that will bring Cambodian up to speed with world technology today.

This online feature we created and offered to you will save your time and money and definitely make your life much easier

  • First, you can save your precious time from traveling to local market to buy phone card or utilities company to pay bill etcetera. you don't have to standing in line wait for your turn
  • Second, save money that you would spend on transportations to your destinations and back (such as spending on gasoline and other transportations...)
  • Third, you can avoid driving frustration from the hot sunny/raining day and busy traffic ( you can get caught in traffic jam or accident)

Our users can avoid all these unnecessary wasting time and money by using our service from anywhere from their computer 24/7/365.

At Roogrog.com we are committed to always bringing useful and valuable technology to meet the demand of our customer.

Our company is green business; we not only focus on environmental friendly service but also will enrich Cambodian people's life by improve their standard of living through the charity program.

Roogrog.com will take the opportunity to broadcast (spread) the news of our charity program via our website to all the big and small corporations around the country that our unfortunate Cambodian people, especially children in rural area are in desperately needs for their support. Furthermore all donations will go to those in needs for healthcare, education and basic needs such as clean water, food and clothing.

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